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Where Can I Sell My Home-Made Jewellery?

“How Do I Sell My Own Home-Made Jewellery?”

Many people thoroughly enjoy making their own jewellery, whether to wear themselves, or as gifts for friends. It is quite natural therefore that you should want to take this skill you have, and given the opportunity, to turn it into some form of career, or at least to earn some form of income from it (even if it is just enough to cover your material costs). That said, it can be very difficult to find outlets for selling your home made jewellery, but there are some. Firstly I would say that you should appreciate that what is normally a hobby can become really very frustrating if you start trying to eek a living from it, and it has led some of my friends to give up making their own jewellery altogether. If you are determined to succeed, however, and you have a gift for both making jewellery and marketing yourself then you needn’t worry.

The easiest way to start is by trying to sell to your friends and their friends. Obviously you are mates so you don’t want to be pushy about it, but if they like the jewellery you make and show an interest in wearing it, then why not suggest they give you a little bit of cash for it. Even the most popular of people will run out of steam if they could only sell to their friends however, and if you are looking to reach a wider market then you will need to find different people to sell your home made jewellery to.

There are hundreds of little market stalls and new-age style shops throughout most cities and towns in the UK and these can afford fantastic opportunities for jewellery designers and those who make their own jewellery. Why not pop in to all the shops that seem to currently sell handmade jewellery and ask them about it, you might have to speak to a manager. Most shops are normally willing to sell stuff on a sale-or-return basis whereby you don’t sell it directly to the shop, but you let them borrow it and try and sell it, and if they do you get some of the proceeds, and if they don’t then you get the handmade jewellery back. This is a very good option if you have never tried selling anything before, although remember that it means you would have to make a lot of jewellery before you might be able to sell any, and this might be expensive both in terms of your time and your own materials costs.

There are also many craft fares which you can get a stall at, either full time or at the weekend, or even for one-off occasions like at music festivals etc…

Some people manage to sell handmade jewellery on ebay and through their own websites, but it is very difficult to make much money from ebay especially given the amount of time you might put into individual pieces, and running a website can be very costly and there is no guarantee that you can get anybody to visit the website without spending lots of money on marketing.

Lastly if you really enjoy making jewellery and you think you have got what it takes then why not consider a career as a jewellery maker and training with one of the many jewellery stores throughout the country who take on new designers.

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